Shampoo from the supermarket – what’s in it? And why should you use solid shampoo or hair soap?

Hello, dear hair care enthusiasts and everyone who has ever wondered what is actually in their supermarket shampoo! Today we take a look behind the scenes of the colorful bottles and explain why solid shampoo or hair soap could be a clever alternative.

But before we jump into the shampoo adventure, let's take a quick look at the ingredients list of a typical supermarket shampoo. Water, surfactants, parabens, fragrances - the list reads like a chemical experiment. And yes, these shampoos clean our hair, but they can also strip and damage it. Why?

  1. Packaging madness: Liquid shampoo is put into plastic bottles, and we all know how problematic this is for our environment. Solid shampoos and hair soaps , on the other hand, are usually available in minimal or even plastic-free packaging, which significantly reduces the environmental impact.
  2. Less chemicals : Solid shampoos and hair soaps generally contain fewer chemical additives and preservatives. This means less potential irritation and allergic reactions on the scalp.
  3. More economical: A small bar of solid shampoo or hair soap can last just as long as a large bottle of liquid shampoo. This not only saves money, but also reduces waste.
  4. Natural ingredients: Many solid shampoos and hair soaps are made from natural ingredients. This means they are gentle on your hair and won't dry or damage your hair.
  5. Travel made easy : Solid shampoos and hair soaps are perfect for travel as they have no liquid restrictions at the airport and come in small, handy packaging.
  6. Less is more: When stored correctly with our Soapi magnetic soap holder , solid shampoos and hair soaps are more economical to use because you need less product to clean your hair thoroughly
  7. Variety : The selection of solid shampoos and hair soaps is constantly growing. Whether you have curly hair, dry hair, an oily scalp or colored hair - there is an option for you.

Conclusion: Supermarket shampoo may be convenient, but there are definitely better alternatives. Solid shampoos and hair soaps are more environmentally friendly, contain fewer chemicals and can even be better for your hair. So, why not try a sustainable change? Your hair will thank you, and so will our beloved earth!

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