Hair soap vs. solid shampoo: which is better for your hair?

The hair care market is huge these days, and it can be overwhelming to wade through all the options. Between hair soap and solid shampoo, you have two environmentally friendly alternatives to liquid shampoo from the supermarket. Both have their own tricks to pamper your hair. Here we explain what hair soap and solid shampoo can do for your hair.

Hair soap: More body, more grip!

Hair soap is a hair care option that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has a pH level that is usually higher than that of your hair, meaning it is slightly alkaline. This will temporarily open up your hair and cause it to swell. The result? Every single hair appears thicker and fuller. This is a real bonus, especially for those with fine or short hair, because hair soap adds more grip. Depending on your taste, an acidic rinse can also be used.

What makes hair soap even cooler is that its natural ingredients make it suitable for almost all hair types. The grip makes styling easier and can even mean you can avoid additional styling products.
Just a little tip: Since hair soap causes the hair to swell and opens the cuticle layer, the hair color can be washed out more quickly. So if you've ever colored it too dark, this can be helpful. Otherwise be careful!

Solid shampoo: shine and suppleness

Solid shampoo is made on the other side of the surfactants, which are acidic. This acidic pH has an astringent effect on your hair, causing the outer cuticle to close. This allows your hair to reflect light better and gives it a natural shine.
If you dream of shiny and silky soft hair, you will love solid shampoo. It gives your hair a really silky texture and minimizes the risk of frizz. The best part? Even if you have colored hair, shampoo bars can do you a world of favor by helping to keep your hair color looking fresh and vibrant for longer. Cool, right?

The agony of choice...

The decision between hair soap and solid shampoo depends on you and your hair type. If you want thicker and more manageable hair, go to the hair soap corner. This is also great if you like natural care and want to use fewer styling products.
If you prefer shine and smoothness, then solid shampoo is your partner in crime. It's also ideal if you have colored hair and want to maintain shine and color for longer.
Whatever you choose, remember that it's great to use eco-friendly alternatives. Because we not only want to keep our hair beautiful, but also our planet.

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