Magnetic holder for solid shampoos and soaps.

Made from 90% recycled fishing nets and rope.
Made in Berlin


    Our team created the Soapi to help reduce plastic waste in your bathroom. With this innovative product, you can easily mount your shampoos and soaps on the wall or in the shower.

    Bottle caps are wasteful and contribute to plastic pollution. The Soapi is a smarter alternative that repurposes bottle caps, reducing waste and giving them a second use. By using a bottle cap as a metallic counterpart, the Soapi helps to promote sustainability in the bathroom.

    Cool thing is that the Soapis are made from over 90% retired fishing nets. This means that plastic no longer ends up in the oceans, but instead takes on a new form in your bathroom.

How does it work?

Attach your Soapi to a flat and clean surface. Press a bottle cap halfway into your soap and hold both under water briefly so that the cap sticks better to the soap. Let it dry and you're done!