Our manufacture

Our Soapis are made from recycled plastic granules that we source from Denmark. Our supplier produces the granules from recycled fishing nets, ropes, and other marine plastic waste. Depending on the colouring and lightening of the processed pellets, the proportion of recycled fishing nets and ropes ranges from 90-96%. The Soapis are produced directly in Berlin.
Our Soapi is equipped with an industrial-grade neodymium magnet that is strong enough to easily hold various sizes of soap. To make it easy to attach the Soapis to different surfaces, we have provided them with durable and vegan adhesive pads on the back.


The bottle cap

Bottle caps are cool and unique items that can be reused. Sometimes we keep them to remember a special evening or experience, but most of them end up in the trash. That's why we have made the bottle cap the core of our Soapi concept.

The bottle cap is the element that unites Soapi with your soap. The best part is that you can use the bottle cap over and over again.


The Soapi packaging

We have been searching for suitable packaging on the market for a while, but we couldn't find anything that met our requirements. That's why we developed our own Soapi packaging, which we are particularly proud of. It does not require any glue and is very easy to handle - simply fold it four times and plug it together at the top, and your Soapi is already packaged.
In addition, we decided not to use colored printing. We think our packaging looks just as great in black and white, as the vibrant colors of the products really stand out - take a look for yourself.