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Soapi Off-white - magnetic soap holder

Soapi Off-white - magnetic soap holder

How does the Soapi work:

Stick your Soapi to a flat and clean surface. Now press a bottle cap halfway into your soap and hold both briefly under water so that the bottle cap adheres more firmly to the soap. Let it dry, and you're done!

Thank you for not buying shampoo in plastic bottles anymore!


***Soap and bottle caps are not included.***

***The colors of the Soapis may differ from the photos, as our raw material (recycled fishing nets) often varies in color***


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Anleitung: Klebe deinen Soapi an eine flache und saubere Stelle. Nun drücke einen Kronkorken zur Hälfte in deine Seife und halte beides kurz unter Wasser, damit sich der Kronkorken fester mit der Seife verbindet. Trocknen lassen, fertig! Danke, dass du Shampoo nicht mehr in Plastikflaschen kaufst! View full details