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Soapi Trio - magnetic soap holder set - 3x gray

Soapi Trio - magnetic soap holder set - 3x gray

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The Soapi is an innovative magnetic soap holder for solid shampoo and soap.

• The perfect solution in the shower and at the sink
• Available in 10 modern colors
• Works with any bottle cap
• Allows soap and shampoo to float on the wall to dry
• Adheres long-term without drilling and without a suction cup

The plastic in the soapis is recycled from around 90% of used fishing nets . This means that this plastic no longer ends up in the oceans, but instead ends up in a new form in your bathroom in the long term.

Reduce, reuse, recycle with style and order. Soapi the soap holder with magnet.


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How it works

Instructions: 1. Stick the Soapi to a flat and clean place, press firmly! 2. Use the soap and leave it there 3. After a while the soap is soft enough to push the bottle cap halfway in 4. Let it dry, done!