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Ciment Shampoo - White Hair

Ciment Shampoo - White Hair

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This blue shampoo is specially designed for white, gray, blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. It is designed to gently cleanse the hair while neutralizing yellow reflections with its indigo powder. Delicately scented with Olong tea, your hair will shine and reflexes will be embellished.

Application: Moisten like soap, lather on the scalp, massage and rinse well. Suitable for all hair types. Suitable for everyone (including pregnant women).


Glycerin: moisturizer
Organic cocoa butter: emollient and moisturizing
Organic coconut oil: nourishing
Organic sesame oil: strengthens hair
White clay powder: absorbent, cleansing
Natural fragrance Cosmos certified: Blue Tea Leaf
Organic Indigo: Leaf of the indigo plant grown in France, neutralizes yellow reflections


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How it works

Instructions: 1. Stick the Soapi to a flat and clean place, press firmly! 2. Use the soap and leave it there 3. After a while the soap is soft enough to push the bottle cap halfway in 4. Let it dry, done!