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Soap from Ciment - Savon Fenêtre

Soap from Ciment - Savon Fenêtre

Apple blossom 100 g

A solid, superfatted, cold-saponified soap that gently washes the body and eliminates impurities. The composition with organic coconut oil and sesame oil enables gentle and effective cleansing. This soap has a very graphic faceted pattern that makes it both simple and elegant! The Savon fenêtre smells of apple blossoms.


Glycerin: moisturizing
Organic coconut oil: nourishing
Organic sesame oil: antioxidant, regenerating

Ingredients :
Coconut oil*, sesame oil*, vegetable charcoal, fragrance.

*From controlled organic cultivation
Fragrance without allergens
100% natural origin

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Anleitung: 1. Klebe den Soapi an eine flache und saubere Stelle, fest andrücken! 2. Benutze die Seife und lasse sie liegen 3. Nach einer Weile ist die Seife weich genug, um den Kronkorken halbtief rein zu drücken 4. Trocknen lassen, fertig! View full details