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Bottle cap fundraiser

Bottle cap fundraiser

We collect. You buy. Donate together.
The bottle cap is an important part of Soapi. We made a conscious decision not to produce new bottle caps for the soaps because we want to give these disposable products a new purpose.

Nevertheless, we have taken your feedback to heart and are now collecting bottle caps for you, which you can buy for €1 each. 100% of bottle cap proceeds are donated to The OceanCleanup .

Get your hands on it and help rid the oceans of plastic!

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Anleitung: Klebe deinen Soapi an eine flache und saubere Stelle. Nun drücke einen Kronkorken zur Hälfte in deine Seife und halte beides kurz unter Wasser, damit sich der Kronkorken fester mit der Seife verbindet. Trocknen lassen, fertig! Danke, dass du Shampoo nicht mehr in Plastikflaschen kaufst! View full details