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HelloSimple Dish Soap + Wooden Brush + Soapi

HelloSimple Dish Soap + Wooden Brush + Soapi

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With this set you will also go plastic-free at the sink, save space and it looks good too!

The wooden brush and dish soap are from HelloSimple and the Soapi completes the set.

Soap instead of liquid dishwashing detergent is a real zero waste alternative, because solid dishwashing detergent does not need plastic packaging.

This solid dishwashing detergent is palm oil-free, consists of only a few organic ingredients (olive and coconut oil) and is handmade in a small factory in Berlin.

In addition, it is highly concentrated so that you do not need to dilute it with water and it can be used on all kinds of surfaces throughout the home.

With each bar of dishwashing soap you save about 2 plastic bottles!

Weight : approx. 120 g (natural weight loss due to storage)

Certification : NATRUE (organic cosmetics)

Manufacture : Germany

Note : Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

Disposal : Grass paper box in waste paper


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How it works

Instructions: 1. Stick the Soapi to a flat and clean place, press firmly! 2. Use the soap and leave it there 3. After a while the soap is soft enough to push the bottle cap halfway in 4. Let it dry, done!